Gluten Free Doesn’t Have To Suck

Did you know that Cheerios are gluten-free?  The day I found this out was a spectacular day in my world. Have I always had issues with gluten intolerance?  I honestly do not know.  Here is what I DO know: My entire life, I have had stomach issues.  I have had pain in the abdominal area since I was a small child.  (too small to be mentally … Continue reading Gluten Free Doesn’t Have To Suck

Anger Management Through Art

After visiting NYC and seeing this shirt hanging in a shop in Chinatown, I realized that we should all be able to wear this shirt. Anytime, anywhere.  To the man who honked at me in traffic this morning that I did NOT give the finger to, this is for you.  Fuck You- You Fucking Fuck.  Now, doesn’t that feel just a little bit better? Continue reading Anger Management Through Art

Blow Jobs Should Happen Every Day

I am a firm believer that blow jobs should happen every day.  They take very little time, not much effort, and they can accomplish so much in terms of keeping a relationship on the right track. I read a book years ago about sex and couples.   (Mars and Venus in the Bedroom)  I don’t remember much about it, but I DO remember the part where … Continue reading Blow Jobs Should Happen Every Day

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Do Something Different for Fuck’s Sake

So I wake up most days wishing I was living a different life.  Granted, I do love my life, but like most people, something is missing.  For me, it’s my creative outlet.  I am full of potential.  Full of ideas.  The only way to have a different life is to do something different with the one you have. Here is me doing something different.  Cheers! … Continue reading Do Something Different for Fuck’s Sake

Turn off the television

So I have a difficult time getting my creative spark going.  I am a small business owner in Austin, TX.  My business is fine.  It makes money.  It’s viable.  It affords me certain luxuries.  I am not, however, fulfilled.  I wonder if everyone is like me.  Does everyone go to work all day and constantly… I mean CONSTANTLY…think about what they would rather be doing? … Continue reading Turn off the television