Just get your taxes done 

Ugh. Taxes.  Adult stuff…..Icky icky poo.

It sucks to be an adult.  I for one, dread any adult activity…Especially the ones that my mom and dad used to take care of before I cut the apron strings.

  • Car inspections
  • taxes
  • immunizations
  • automobile registrations
  • health insurance
  • student loans
  • etc, etc…

This list could go on.  It mainly consists of all of the annual things that strike fear into my psyche.  The things that I allow myself to put off until the last-minute, causing mass amounts of self-inflicted stress and anxiety.

The Internal Revenue Service and Student Loan vultures are the only two organizations that can legally freeze bank accounts, seize assets, or garnish wages.  (the only two that I am aware of)  In other words, DON’T FUCK WITH THEM.

I have realized, as an adult, that things are never as bad as I think they will be.

  1. The IRS will work with you IF YOU CALL THEM.
  2. Student loan organizations will work with you IF YOU CALL THEM.

Stop sitting in a corner and crying.

Just get your taxes done.  It happens once a year.  Rip it off like a Band-Aid and hope for a refund. sketch-1484965205387



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