Turn off the television

So I have a difficult time getting my creative spark going.  I am a small business owner in Austin, TX.  My business is fine.  It makes money.  It’s viable.  It affords me certain luxuries.  I am not, however, fulfilled.  I wonder if everyone is like me.  Does everyone go to work all day and constantly… I mean CONSTANTLY…think about what they would rather be doing?

Yesterday, I had an epiphany.  I decided to turn off the television.  Don’t get me wrong here.  I am not anti-television.  I LOVE television.   Mostly crime dramas, true crime, and Reality TV.  Last year, I worked my way through 30+ seasons of Survivor.  At the present time, I am wading through season upon season of Big Brother.  It’s all mindless and decompressing.  It works.  When I get home from a tiring day on the job, I make a plate of food, flip on mindless television, and lose myself.

The only problem here is that I actually lose myself.

I spend all day…ALL DAY…at work thinking of all of the amazing and creative things I want to do with my life to feel like I am a complete human being.  I want to be a creative person.  I want to live the life of an artist.  Hell, I want to make MONEY as an artist.  It’s quite possible.  Lots of people do it.

So I decided to turn off the television.  It’s not like it’s a new idea.  I find that most ideas aren’t ever new.  They are mostly ideas that are revisited, or possibly heard for the first time because we are actually in the right mental space to hear them.  This idea: Turning off the television…It’s frightening.  It’s  giving up a part of your life.  It’s actually pretty daunting.  So here’s my compromise to myself: I will turn off the television for specific amounts of time during the day.  I will no longer wake up to a cup of coffee, my e-cig, and a dose of reality TV before heading to work.  I will see what happens.

Here is what happened on Day 1:

Holy shit…I actually got my bookkeeping done before work.  I normally put it off for weeks.  Sometimes months.  I have put it off for so long that it becomes this niggling fear tumor in my head that causes me ridiculous amounts of self-induced stress and anxiety.

So no artwork happened.  No creative outlet plugged into.  But hey, I did get some adult crap done that I wouldn’t have done otherwise.  I didn’t turn the TV on until well after 5pm. (I normally get off work at around 2pm and get sucked into a BB marathon.) Marathon avoided.  I call that a win.

Day 2:

I started this blog.  I am one of those people who is full of ideas all of the time.  Some are great, some are pipe dreams, and some are practical and realistic.  So many ideas that I can’t keep them straight.  There are many, many things I want to do and accomplish in life.  So I started a blog.  Here is a way to channel and express ideas and creativity.  Oh, I also took my dogs to the park and paid attention the beautiful day happening outside.  Now they are happy, sleeping, and I don’t feel like a lazy, asshole pet owner.  I also got some additional bookkeeping done for my business.  Again with the stress relief!  Another day, another big score.

So…Is television really the devil?  Probably not.  It’s an inanimate object that we allow to have power over our psyche.  Yes, it’s an evil succubus once we push the button.  Yes, it drains the creative life blood out of you.  Yes, it wastes hours of our precious time on earth….But only if you allow it to.  My advice is to turn it off.  See what happens to your life when it’s quiet and you have to think.  I for one, cannot wait to see what happens on Day 3.  For now, I’m going to keep turning it off.  At least until after 5pm.

More updates to follow!


Okay so here are my updates:

Day 3: I took the day off from my regular job.  Went to a Starbucks and wrote a blog entry about blow jobs and relationships. Drank way too much coffee. Good times.





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